Monday, 27 July 2015

E Math Consultation

Dear class, 

If you have any questions on E Math, please see me tomorrow, 28 July (Tue) immediately after school and before your AS. Call me at ext. 423 when you are outside staffroom. 

Thank you.

Miss Chew

Monday, 20 July 2015

Level Test 2 & Topics for Math Level Test 2

Level Test starts this Friday, 24 July 2015.

Refer to level test 2 post on google site for the schedule.

For Math, the topics tested for level test 2 and end-of-year exam are posted since last semester. Please refer to this post on math topics at math google site.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sine rule ambiguous case

The Geogebra applet for the sine rule ambiguous case is HERE. I hope you can view it. This is based on the example on page 11 of thick notes. 

Change of math homework Questions given today Tue Jul

Dear class, 

I realised that I have not taught the relevant concepts to do the questions I gave in class from E10b. 

SO...math homework for today, Tue 7Jul is:

Assignment E10(pg 28-29) 
Q 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
Do on foolscap (different foolscap from E10b)

It is mainly TOA CAH SOH. Estimated time: 30 min

Thursday, 2 July 2015

SUBMISSION: 2015 Sec 3 AM Alternative Assessment #2 - Deadline TOMORROW 3 July 2015(Fri) 2359 hours

This is a reminder: Submission of A Math Alternative Assessment (AA) (individual work) is
TOMORROW, 3 July 2015 (FRI) 2359 hours

Penalty of 50% will be applied if completion is done after 03 July 2015. After 10 July 2015 1200 hours, no mark will be awarded.

All information about the AA task is in the email sent last semester. You were also informed in class. 

I will not provide any more feedback on this AA over email. If there is anything you wish to clarify, please see me before the submission deadline.

Submission instructions:
So once you confirmed that you have completed your AA, 

1. Attach your file or include link to your file

2. Fill in subject of email in the following format: 

"Yay04 (index no.)  (name)  a math aa 2"

For example, Yay04 28 Lim Ah Yi a math aa 2

3. Email me at 


(i) Please only submit ONCE tomorrow, 3 July (Fri). 

(ii) I will only accept submissions on 3 July (tomorrow) as your final submission 
i.e. submission before 3 Jul is regarded as a draft. 

So if you have submitted to me earlier to look at your work, you still need to email me tomorrow, 3July (Fri)

(iii) Time is recorded on email. 2359 hours is the deadline. I suggest you email before 2350 hours in case internet connection is slow.