Sunday, 28 June 2015

Welcome back to school (Mathematics)

Dear class, 

Welcome back to school. This is what you need for math lesson tomorrow, 29Jun (Mon):

1. Modulus notes. If lost, please print the notes. I attached a copy in my email.

2. Modulus Homework: 
- Assignment A09 (Modulus): Q1b,2b,7a (done in class). Q7b,c,e,f,8c. 
- Notes Pg10-11 e.g. 9d,h

3. Empty orange file to file math notes for the new semester. 
Please make sure you keep all the notes from Semester 1 as you will need them for revision until O levels.

4. Calculator, foolscap, stationery 

To get into the mood for maths, enjoy this song created from Pi HERE.

For those who submitted your A Math AA draft, I am vetting through them on a first come first serve basis. Will give you feedback through email. Those who submitted by 19Jun will get the feedback by tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow =)

Miss Chew