Thursday, 23 April 2015

Coordinate Geometry

Documents are attached in email and posted on S304 math googlesite.

(1) Coordinate Geometry Notes Solution: I suggest you attempt all examples and check your solution. Coordinate Geometry is tested for E Math Common Test. ALL the examples in the notes are relevant EXCEPT those involving midpoint, perpendicular lines and area of rectilinear figures. 

(2) Solution to Assignment 07A: Please check your solution and ensure that all presentation of working is shown.

(3) Summary written on board in class. Please note whether the concepts taught are in the E Math or A Math syllabus. Coordinate Geometry is tested for E Math Common Test. 

(4) Assignment 07B: Do Questions 1 to 6 after common test. Submit by 25 May 2015 (Mon). If you are going for school trips in the last week of the term, please submit the assignment the week before.  

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