Thursday, 12 March 2015

2015 Sec 3 Elementary Mathematics Alternative Assessment (AA)

You should have received the email about the E Math AA to be done during the holidays. Have explained during math lesson today and passed you the notes for reference. Please do not lose the set of notes given as they will be used for lessons in Term 2. 

Instructions for E Math AA (also emailed):

1. Login to ACE Learning by 12 March 2015 (TODAY). Check
(i) you can login
(ii) the 4 self study quizzes are assigned to you 
(iii) the modules on circle properties can be viewed

2. Self study the chapter by following the instructions in the link by 23 March 2015 (Monday of Term 2 Week 1, after school holidays). You may use ACE Learning Videos and/or math notes on circle properties given and/or math textbook (if you bought).

3. Attempt the 4 quizzes assigned to you as you study the chapter. These quizzes serve as practice questions which will help you in the final graded summative quiz.

4. If you have questions (e.g. you do not understand the solutions provided on ACE Learning after you attempt the quizzes), look for me in Term 2 Week 1 before 27 March 2015 (Fri)

5. ON 27 MARCH 2015 (FRIDAY) 1pm, login to ACE Learning and check that the SUMMATIVE QUIZ is assigned to you. If not, call me immediately. 

6. COMPLETE THE SUMMATIVE QUIZ latest by 30 MARCH 2015 (MON) 6am. Only 1 attempt. THE MARKS OF THIS SUMMATIVE QUIZ IS YOUR MARKS FOR THE E MATH AA. Penalty of 50% will be applied if completion is done after 30 March 2015. After 6 April 2015 0600 hours, no mark will be given.
Advice: Do it on 27 March 2015 (Fri). Don't wait until the last minute. 

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