Thursday, 26 February 2015

Edits to Qns and Ans in E Math Level Test 1 Revision

Dear class, 

Please note that there are some errors in the E Math Level Test 1 Revision worksheet given out yesterday (Q3-5 and their answers). 

Please check email/ googlesite for updated copy and edit on your hardcopy. 

Miss Chew

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Polynomials Error Analysis

The worksheet for the polynomials error analysis worksheet is uploaded on google site. 

Folder: Chapter 3 Polynomials, Identities, Remainder Factor Theorem, Cubic Equations, Partial Fractions

File name: Polynomials (Error Analysis)_SOLN

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reminders on level test

As reminded in class today:

E Math level test

Date: 27 Feb 2015 (this Friday)

  1. Graph Sketching
  2. Graph Drawing
  3. Graphical Transformation
  4. Linear inequalities
  5. Quadratic Equations

Things to bring: Calculator, Foolscap, Graph Paper, Curve Ruler/ French Curve, Long Ruler, Stationery

Consultation: 26 Feb (this Thu). Please SMS Miss Chew if you would like to come and ask questions after you revise

A Math level test

Date: 6 Mar 2015 (next Friday)

  1. Quadratic Equations & Inequalities (alpha beta, quadratic inequalities, discriminant)
  2. Polynomials, Identities
  3. Remainder & Factor Theorem
  4. Cubic expression and equation
Partial fraction is excluded.

Things to bring: Calculator, Foolscap, Stationery

Remedial/ Consultation: 3 Mar (next Tue) / 4 Mar (next Wed) depending on your quiz results. to be confirmed.

Quiz on remainder factor theorem and cubic expressions and equations: Tomorrow, 25Feb (Wed) 
Quiz on identities: This Thu, 26Feb
Quiz on alpha beta, quadratic inequalities, discriminant: Next Mon, 2 Mar

To revise, refer to checklist given and try the questions from your TYS. You can also try the 2014 level test papers emailed out by Miss Lim (also attached in this email). Do note that the E Math topics tested in 2014 are slightly different from the topics tested this year. 

Important notes: Formula sheet NOT given, graphic calculators not allowed

Miss Chew

Monday, 16 February 2015

Significant figures

This is a good guide for significant figures:

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Reminder: Graph Quiz tomorrow, 6 Feb (Fri)

Dear class, 

There will be a quiz on graph drawing tomorrow. Remember to bring 

1. curve ruler/ french curve
2. long ruler
3. stationery
4. calculator

Read through and do corrections for the graph assignments returned to you during remedial on Wed. Check your corrections with the solutions on s3-04 math google site. 

The purpose of this quiz is to check your understand of graph drawing topic. If your quiz results show that you still do not understand, you will be asked to come for remedial. 

Miss Chew

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Instructions to submit 2015 Sec 3 Additional Mathematics Alternative Assessment (Deadline 6 Feb 15, 2359)

I sent you the google form to submit your A Math AA. Each group appoint 1 representative to submit. 

Please follow the following instructions carefully:

(1) Name your file according to your class and group members
E.g. if you are from S301 with 4 members index no 01 05 16 22, 
        your filename will be 2015 AM AA S3-01 01051622
       if you are from S302 with 3 members index 10 12 14,
       your filename will be 2015 AM AA S3-02 10121400

(2) Give viewing rights to Miss Chew:

(3) Fill in the google form "S3-04 A Math AA Submission". It is sent to your email. 

(4) Click "submit" after filling in form

Deadline is 6 Feb 2015 (this Friday) 2359. Any submission later than that will be considered LATE assignment. 

Important notes:
(1) Make sure none of your group members edit the google document after 6 Feb 2359. Any edits seen after 6 Feb 2359 will be treated as late submission. 

(2) As per school assessment rules, penalty for late submission is as follows:
- additional 7 day grace period to complete work. if submitted within 7-day grace period, awarded 50% of marks scored
- do not submit at end of 7 day grace period, given 0 marks

(3) If you face any problems in submission, contact Miss Chew. Handphone number sent to your email.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Introducing...imaginary numbers

When there are no real roots, it does not mean there are no solutions to the equation. Just that the roots are imaginary. Your calculator shows you "i" as well. So what is "i"?

1. A brief introduction to imaginary numbers

2. solving equations with imaginary roots